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Moo Mapper is now under development on

I have been majorly lacking the time to do any development on Moo Mapper recently. So I decided in releasing the source and setting up a project page on for continued development of Moo Mapper! If anyone wants to help out in the development or making changes they want seen in the next release then sign up for an account at then email me your sourceforge username stating why you want to help out, and your programming skills. Follow the link titled "SourceForge" to the left to take you to the development site.

Latest Version of GTA 3 & Vice Mapper Available Here:

The Almighty KCow!

Downloads So Far (Since Release of Moo Mapper Beta 0.70):

Please Note: This is very much a beta release, and is currently very slow and cpu intensive when viewing textures. It is far more productive to load without textures. Also, the following features and fixes will be implemented soon in a forthcoming release:

  • Optimise the code (especially for texture handling)
  • Implement proper mouse rotation support
  • More secondary viewer modes (for path editing, 2dfx editing, zone editing)
  • Some collision file support (for adding and removing custom collision files)
  • Keeping comments (not removing them when saving)

Changes Made in Version 0.90

  • Written documentation and brief tutorial
  • Added support for TObj (time specified) objects
  • Background radar can be displayed
  • Selecting from 3D view now selects list item (so delete works)

Changes Made in Version 0.82

  • Fixed problem of invisible objects for many people
  • New item now centers at screen center
  • Adding dffs or txds to archive would sometimes break things
  • Path section in the editor dialog re-added
  • New IPL and IDE files now save properly

Some Screenshots

Older Versions Of GTA III Mapper:


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