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Some Info About Me

Lets see.. First things first, my name is Alastair Burr (or just Ali) and this is my humble website. I am currently attending University in the UK, studying Software Engineering (nearing the end of my 3rd year) and live in a student household with some other strange people on my course. I am 6'7" ish which is pretty tall (although makes me far too clumsy) and I am sure I look dashingly handsome.. or something like that..

I have been told many a time that I have a rather strange obsession with cows. I very much beg to differ with this! I do NOT have an obsession with cows! For you see, I am their mighty leader.. I have been training up my bovine companions slowly but surely, teaching them the arts required to survive and the secrets of various lethal martial arts passed down generations. Soon I will rise up with my vast legions of cows, prepared to fight till death, persevering at all costs, slicing through all that will stand in our way. World domination is our goal, and we ARE going to rule this pathetic world enslaving the rest of the human race who do not see the ways of the bovine. And I as their mighty lord and leader, will rule from up high looking down at all my trustworthy minions, and I will smile..

If you don't like cows, then the question you should really be asking yourself is: WHY DONT YOU?? Cows are one of the greatest creatures on this planet, and you need to show our appreciation to these great and almighty beings before it is too late and they will show no mercy! Moooo..

Oh yes, back to me, heehee :) In my spare time, when I do not have a job or am hard working way at some random assignment, I usually practise my Taekwon-Do, which is an absolutely great sport (and currently my only source of realfitness) or I sit down and begin writing little freeware utilities to help out communities who require such tools. One of my main ongoing projects has been "VNCon", which is a remote management program for companies who use VNC (Virtual Network Computing, originally designed by ORL, then moved to AT&T Research Labs), I wish I had spent a bit more time on this project though as it is used by some large corporations out there, and unfortunately there have been some ongoing bugs in the project which I should really get fixed relatively soon :/

Anyway, this should give you a small insight into myself, now you can go away feeling refreshed that you know random facts about a weird freak on the other side of the world. Just remember to eat more curries, train your termites to do backflips and most importantly SMILE! as life is beautiful and should be treasured.. hehe.. <- Ali's words of wisdom!


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