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Lovely Computers!

Current Computer Setup

In response to some peoples questions asking what sort of computer I had, here are full specs of the hardware aspect of my current computer setup. All in all, I think I have spent far too much money on computers and such related equipment! But as this plays a big role in my life I like to keep things relatively up to date :) Also, this setup is LOUD, which is a bit annoying, although I am soon going to invest in some far quiter cooling equipment so I can get some well deserved rest.

FLUFFY - Main Computer

Processor: AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1200 Mhz
Memory: 512 MB (2 x 256 MB DDR DIMM)
Running: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Motherboard: Asus A7N266-E (nVidia nForce 420-D Chipset)
Video Card 1: Onboard nVidia GeForce 2 MX
Video Card 2: 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee 16 Mb PCI
Monitor 1: ADI Microscan G910 19"
Monitor 2: iiyama Vision Master 15"
Sound: Onboard APU w/ ACR-A6CH Audio Card
Network: Onboard Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet
CD Drive 1: Pioneer 16xDVD 40xCD IDE
CD Drive 2: Plextor Ultraplex 40x SCSI
CD Drive 3: Yamaha CDRW 8x 4x 24x SCSI
Zip Drive: Iomega ZIP100 Internal
Hard Drive 1: Western Digital AC38400L 8.4 GB
Hard Drive 2: Seagate Barracuda ATA II 30.6 GB
SCSI Adapter: Advansys ASC1300 (Fast Wide SCSI II)
Case: SuperMicro SC750-A Full Tower
Mouse 1: Fujitsu PS/2 Compatible
Mouse 2: Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB
Keyboard: Memorex TS1098 108-Key
Speakers: Cambridge Soundworks FPS1000
Printer: Hewlett Packard Deskjet 840C

FLUFFX - Backup / Test Computer

Processor: Intel Pentium III 450 Mhz
Memory: 64 MB (2 x 32 MB PC100 DIMM)
Running: Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Motherboard: SuperMicro P6-SBA
Video Card: nVidia GeForce DDR-DVI 32 MB AGP
Monitor: Compaq V50 15"
Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32
Network: CNet PowerNic CN650Eplus
CD Drive: Goldstar CRD-8160B 8x
Hard Drive: Western Digital 4.2 GB
Backup: Hewlett Packard SureStore Tape 2000
Case: ElanVital T-5 Mini ATX
Mouse: Logitech Cordless Wheel Mouse
Keyboard: Cherry 105-Key
Speakers: Quickshot QS-835

FLUFFS - Internet / File Server

Processor: Intel Pentium II 350 Mhz
Memory: 576 MB (512 + 64 PC133 DIMM)
Running: Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Motherboard: Asus P3V4X
Video Card: ATI mach64 264VT2 PCI
Network 1: 3Com 3C-905TX
Network 2: 3Com 3C-905TX
Hard Drive 1: Western Digital 4.2 GB
Hard Drive 2: Western Digital 4.2 GB
Case: Standard Mini ATX

Other Equipment

UPS: APS SmartUPS 900
Hub: Netgear DS106 6 Port Dual Speed
Digital Camera: Canon Powershot A20
Scanner: Microtek Phantom 336 CX
Cable Modem: TetraJet 210 (on Rent)
Console: Playstation 1
Television: Pioneer SV-21i 21"
Video Recorder: Grundig GV-9110

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