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Neverwinter Nights

The box!

Neverwinter Nights is a superb RPG (Role Playing Game) which is based completely on the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, but does most of the calculations for you so you can get on and enjoy the game, slowly progressing your character. This is set in a different part of the world to Baldurs Gate I and II, so opens up a whole new storyline based around the city of Neverwinter.

The character I play is that of Taligma Bocow who is of course the mighty bovine lord. My short biography is as follows:

  • After escaping the clutches of the law, Taligma Bocow ventured back to his home fields and once again took upon the role of the evil bovine lord. With the newly amassed armies of cows, equiped with the latest in bovine equipment, he now stands tall above his minions with his fiery eyes lit up with a redish glow, all bow before the returned all powerful sorcerer. For now he will lead his armies forth into battle, to victory over anyone who might stand in his path. The battle cries are heard in the distance: MOO!

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my character and some of my cute little cows :)

Taligma Bocow
Taligma Bocow conversing with cow!
Taligma Bocow
Taligma Bocow posing next to Daisy!

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