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The Powerpuff Girls

Firstly, 'who are they?' and 'what are they?' you might ask! The Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium during his experimentations into creating the perfect little girl. Unfortunately, after adding the main ingredients of: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice he accidentally spilt some of his mysterious formula Chemical X! into the concoction. The result of this was explosive, producing: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup who with their newly acquired super powers have now dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil! (before bedtime.. of course)

Bubbles Blossom Buttercup

Bubbles - Here is are little cute and innocent superheroin, being so adorable has made her my favourite little powerpuff, and she talks to animals too. With all her soft spots for nice things, she can really wind buttercup up who would rather be far more evil and nasty.

Blossom - She is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls and tries to organise Bubbles and Buttercup, as well as keeping up communications with the mayor! Though the other two seem to gang up on her occasionaly as she does get quite bossy.

Buttercup - This little chick has loads of butt kicking attitude, and strikes fear into the hearts of all her enemies. Eek, she even scares me at times, especially as she gets her thrills out of causing all the enemies of Townsville immense pain (a bit of a sadist really).

So, next time you are visiting Townsville, be sure to call round these friendly puffs and they will help keep and the rest of the strange citisens of Townsville as safe as possible. Though for some reason Townsville is constantly under attack, being burnt down, destroyed, flame grilled, showered with meteors despite all of the outstanding efforts by the girls (not with much help from the professor who seems to always hinder the girls, for safety reasons and such)

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